Simply Six Minutes – The Race

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Christine at Stine Writing is our host for Simply 6 Minutes Challenge: Picture:

Interference! I call interference!
How am I supposed to win this silly race with those slow pokes on the rode blocking my access?
I was heads and tails ahead of everyone.
I was way ahead, by much more than a nose.
I did not stop for a bite to eat, even with the awesome treats lining the raceway.
My car was built to speed along the highway without stopping.
My carrots are spinning along just as I hoped they would.
The sour cream is doing a great job lubricating the axel.
I wonder how many points I will lose if I am caught sliding over those mollusks.
I don’t see any of the judges nearby.
But, oh, I can’t do that.
I’ll just have to wait until they make up their minds to cross the road.
Then I’ll speed on to victory.

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