4th Night of Hanukkah

Hanukkah 2020 I wrote about all the various ways Chanukah can be spelled. Hanukkah 2018 I wrote about sharing matzo ball soup with my staff.

I was planning on making blintzes today. It turned out I was missing some key ingredients. As I try to stay home as much as possible these days, I changed my plans. I received a reminder text for an acupuncture and chiropractic appointment tomorrow morning.  I will purchase the needed ingredients tomorrow after my medical visit. 

I’ve been achy today, which I am sure is from the machines PT had me do. I know it is all for my best chance at reduced pain levels. I even do the required drills at home.  I didn’t do anything strenuous today. Annie and I even took a nap outside on the swing. The weather is warm and the winds are not too strong which makes my yard a happy place.   

I am missing the grandkids and I look forward to seeing them on the weekend. I don’t want to overdo anything this week, to assure that I can make the long drive to see them.   

I will be cooking my holiday foods tomorrow. I can hardly wait. I have no will power when it comes to consuming latkes and blintzes. I don’t even pretend to to try anymore. 

Tonight, I lit one of my older menorahs. It reminds me of my mom being here lighting candles with me. I am grateful for having wonderful memories. I hope when my grands grow up, they fondly remember lighting candles with me.


Beautiful photos from the internet.

Dozens of hanukkiahs lit for the 4th night of Hanukkah.


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