Truthful Tuesday – Nov. 30

Truthful Tuesday
Frank is our host for Truthful Tuesday. He asks:
Whatever holidays you may celebrate this time of year, how ready for them are you?
Hanukkah has already started. My holiday began at sundown on Sunday night. I am ready and celebrating. My decorations have been reduced greatly this year. We will be seeing the grandkids at their house instead of them coming here.  I am not done wrapping and bagging all of their presents yet. I think I have everything so it’s time to sort it all out. I might have a little sewing to do still.   We will be getting together on Saturday. 
I have candles and menorahs ready for each night. I hope to make blintzes tomorrow and latkes on Thursday. I love making homemade applesauce to go with my latkes. 
It is nice having my holiday early this year. The school break will come and we will have time to do a lot of nothing. Christmas day will probably mean Chinese food, as is our tradition. 


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