The Third Night Of Hanukah

Day 3 of  Hanukah in 2019 I was enjoying the meditation practice a Rabbi presented. I am grateful I have this to review and practice again this year. Day 3 of Hanukah in 2020 was very different. Covid precautions made the holiday unusual, to say the least. The wonderful meditation and music I found were uplifting and joyful. I was missing my family a great deal. I spoke to my aunt on the phone. I sent goodies to her so she would have some treats. My spouse delivered another electric menorah to her last year.  They were not allowed candles in her residence. She enjoyed having celebratory items in her room. 

Now it’s 2021. Covid is still here. Vaccinations have benefited many, but I am still praying for the miracle of everyone that can, to get vaccinated. I’d like to have holiday visits with family and friends.   

I overdid it with my hand yesterday. My physical therapy and occupational therapy pretty much did me in today. I am back to having a bandaged thumb which means I am limited to what I can do. Not to be hindered too much, I moved on with my “must do” list. I shopped for a few items for my grandkids. I purchased some tinsel for my outdoor menorah I am making. I even treated myself to Chick Fil-A lunch by going through the drive through. 

By the time I got home, I was exhausted but pleased with all I had done. I should not have to go out again until OT at the end of the week. I put away my purchases, read some mail, and promptly fell asleep for a few hours. It’s nice that I can do what my body needs and nap if/when I want to. 

I reread my old blogs for the third night. I enjoy having them to refer to. I lit my candles, said the blessings, and enjoyed the two pieces of dark chocolate candy. I sat on the floor, enjoying the candles as the flames dwindled. I used my Warner Brothers menorah tonight. It is whimsical and reminds me of my first years of collecting menorahs. Bugs Bunny is holding the shamash.  I purchased this menorah a very long time ago, before the manufacturer was told it was a copywrite infringement to use the characters.

I am grateful for all the blessings and miracles I have enjoyed in my life. I am grateful for loving memories of my family no longer here. I am grateful for the therapists and doctors who work on making my pained body, less so. I am grateful for finishing up all the Thanksgiving leftovers. I am grateful for the last Amazon items to have arrived. I am grateful for the joy I feel when I light my candles and say my blessings. I am grateful for another Hanukkah celebration that reminds me of who I am.   

Hopefully, tomorrow I will be making blintzes.



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