dVerse – ABBA Poetry Prompt

“So here we go, for today’s Poetics prompt I want you to write a poem that includes one line, and one line only, from ABBA’s only number-one hit, Dancing Queen.”

Only seventeen

Engaged Already

Knew Everything

College Student

McDonald’s Worker

Knew Everything

Life Learner

Pet Owner

Knew Everything

Rebellious Spirit

Rule Follower

Knew Everything

Art Appreciator

Substance Abstinence  

Knew Everything

Middle Child

Many Traumas

Knew Everything

Realize Now

Didn’t Know

Most Anything

17 thoughts on “dVerse – ABBA Poetry Prompt

  1. ah yes….the know everything invincibility of youth. Now in my seventh decade, I understand the wealth of information I’m not even aware of much less don’t understand. Good listing poem here that makes the point in the ending.

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