The Second Night of Hanukkah

I’m feeling more centered today. I worked on my aunt’s remembrance bowling ball this morning. I am almost done putting  the rest of her costume jewelry on the ball. I love the connection I feel when I am doing something creative with someone’s belongings.   

I then used my heavy duty adhesive to replace some of the pieces on more of my bowling balls. I have been putting that chore off for quite awhile. I also replaced some minions on my front
totem pole. 
I decided to try and make a large menorah out of the very sturdy cardboard tubes from the artificial grass I bought. (I think I have been watching too much Shabby Tree on Facebook. LOL)  I cut the cardboard to varying sizes. I attempted to glue them together. Then I used zip ties. I scrounged in my shed and found some white spray paint. I did a first coat. My creation is waiting outside. The fumes are too strong to bring it in. 
Tonight, at sundown, I said my blessings and lit the candles. I indulged in the See’s candy again. I opened a lovely tea towel gift. My grandmother always had tea towels. Such a sweet memory for me. 

Each night of Hanukah I use a different menorah. I love my collection and using them makes sense to me. The one I used tonight is a new one for me. It is a lovely, silver menorah. It’s one of my more traditional ones.   
My cousin sent me this YouTube video. I enjoyed it a great deal. I hope you do too.

I like to look back on my Chanukah blogs. Here is 2018, which I discuss decorating my staff room and playing dreidel.  In 2019 I wrote about what I was making and enjoying for Chanukah. In 2020 the second night of Hanukah was meaningful with the added story from which asks us to look deeper into the lighting of the candles. 


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