Gratitude Challenge

26) A person in your past you are grateful for…I am grateful for my high school counselor because she helped me graduate early. I am grateful for some high school teachers who believed in me. I am grateful for my ex because he is the father of my daughters. I am grateful for my family that have transitioned from this earthly planet because they helped make me, me. 

27) Something at work you are grateful for… As I am no longer working, this technically doesn’t apply. But, I am still grateful for friends from work who remain in my life.

28) Describe the last time you laughed so hard you cried.. I honestly can’t remember. I know it has happened, just not lately.

29) What is your greatest accomplishment? Being a parent and a grandparent

30) Three things you want to manifest…better health, intelligent politicians/judges, peace between all  people

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