Gratitude Challenge

11) What is your favorite place and why? The beach is my favorite place because I feel at peace there

12) 3 Things you love most about yourself. I love that I love animals. I love that I am a Nana to 4 wonderful grandkids. I love that I like to create things for those that I love.

13) The last time you were overcome with joy. That would have to be when I first was able to hug my grandkids after way too long out of Covid precautions.

14) A risk you are grateful you took and why. I am grateful I took the leap and retired when I did. I debated my decision for a very long time. The universe had my back because the next year is when Covid changed our world.

15) 3 Everyday items you are grateful for. I am grateful for navigation on my phone so I don’t get lost as easily. I am grateful for my washer and dryer because I can’t stand dirty clothes. I am grateful for my computer so I can blog.


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