Truthful Tuesday

Frank hosts Truthful Tuesday. He’s changing things up now.

Truthful Tuesday

Frank says~ “Since this entire post has essentially been about the changes I’m testing out for Truthful Tuesday, change will be the topic for this week. If you run a prompt, how much have you tweaked and modified your prompt from what it initially started as? If you don’t run a prompt, what deliberate changes have you made to your blog since you first started blogging? In either case, have there been any unintentional changes that just sort of happened on their own? I look forward to your answers!”

Maggie and I have just started running a prompt. There hasn’t been any change yet, it’s too new. My blog on the other hand has changed its purpose. I started a year long goal of looking for gratitudes. When that year ended, I decided to move forward with predominately blogs about my life. Then I changed when I got hooked on daily and weekly prompts. I still enjoy writing to prompts. It is a way to be both creative and interactive with the blogging world. 

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