6) The last time I did something nice was when I altered a new blanket for a Hanukkah gift for my grandson. He needs an extra long blanket because he is so tall.

7) I was very fearful that once I retired I would have no friends to talk to. I discovered that reaching out to others when I need to talk, or just want to kibitz, is acceptable. I feel I am closer to my special tribe of friends than I thought possible. 

8) My favorite activities are gardening, scrapbooking, and blogging.  I like the connection with nature. I enjoy weeding, planting, and rearranging my planters. I enjoy scrapbooking because I am preserving memories and being creative at the same time. I enjoy blogging because there are so many wonderful people I feel connected to.

9) I usually don’t keep a collar on Annie unless we are going out. I pulled her collar off my headboard and she jumped around like a crazy person. She jumped around and ran to the door repeatedly. I smiled at the joy she gets going for a ride. I had a long ride with a very happy dog.

10) I love that my family enjoys sharing our heritage. I love that we have wonderful  shared memories. I love that we have different opinions and faiths but accept those because we love each other.




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