SoCS – Nov 20 – Possible Trigger Alert -Adult Content

Linda  is our host for SoCS. Her directions said: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “black, gray, and white.” Use one, use ’em all. Bonus points if you use all three. Have fun!

I used to think of myself as a person that saw things in shades of gray. I thought there were multiple ways to be right and wrong. I figured if you could justify your position, I would accept your point of view. Again, I figured there were many shades of gray.

I don’t know if it is my age, the sign of the times, or just my tarnished view of unintelligent people, but I see many things as black and white now.

I have no tolerance for people who can, but don’t get vaccinated. I needed some sprinkler heads removed from out front. I called the same plumber I had used before. He came quickly, estimated a good price, and said he could do the work immediately.  We talked outside from ten feet away. When he finished I handed him a check. In talking with him, I asked about his vaccination status. He told me he was not vaccinated. He said he was not against the vaccine, just being told he had to get one. He started to tell me his reasons and I cut him off mid sentence. He said he didn’t personally know anyone that died from COVID, so it probably was just inflated numbers. I informed him that I lost a family member and friends . I told him my aunt was in an assisted living facility. He then said she was probably the only one. I corrected him. There were 14 deaths one month and 7 a few months later. Steam was coming out of my ears as he tried to defend his position. Honestly, if I knew from the start his vaccination status, I probably would not have hired him. I am of the position that this is a black and white issue for me.

 I had some artificial grass delivered two nights ago. The delivery men brought the rolls to the door. They were masked, but it still felt odd to accept the heavy rolls. I signed for my order. I propped the parcels on my wall. Then after they left, I took them out back. After I dropped them off out back, I went to the garage and tossed my clothes in the washer. I scrubbed my hands and redressed. I had no idea about their status. I know with my compromised immune system, I should take no chances. Very black and white to me.

I read news articles about gun toting idiots who murder and maim others. They claim self defense and our stupid judicial system let’s them off Scott free. There is no gray here. Murder is murder. The black and white , in the literal sense, is one injustice after another. There is no one on G-D’s green earth who will ever change my mind about any civilian carrying an assault rifle. There is no reason to EVER have an assault rifle. The fact that the police stood by as this went down has no gray area. Wrong is wrong.

There should be no shades of gray when it comes to children’s safety in school. The fact that administrators knew, by way of video proof, that a girl was raped in a school bathroom and merely said, they would look into the matter, is disgusting. I use the correct term, rape. They said molested. They attempted to gray the truth. The case was all over the news, then squashed. Even with the video of the boys raping the girl, I doubt anything will be done to them.

The recent craze of teens destroying school bathrooms is another non-gray area. The students should be expelled. How can there be a gray area about breaking sinks off the wall, breaking toilets into hundreds of pieces, and shattering mirrors all in the name of “fun?” They typically video themselves and then post on social media. That should be all the authorities need to expel the criminals.

I didn’t intend to go down a dark road. SoCS allows my brain to go where it needs to go. I get physically and emotionally distressed at injustice. I have less tolerance for evil now. 


20 thoughts on “SoCS – Nov 20 – Possible Trigger Alert -Adult Content

  1. Re vaccines, the trade-off is “the risk of the individual being harmed from covid” versus “the risk of the individual being harm from a vacvcine”.

    If somebody feels that they would have a good chance of survival of covid, I can understand them not wanting to take an essentially unrtested vaccine. By that, I mean that this thing did not exist a year ago, so any long-term effects are yet unknown. So in that sense, I see very shades of grey, depending on an individual’s risk factor.

    But the one thing missing in my argument is “society”, and I would suggest that the real problem is that generations of people have been taught to value the individual above society.

    covid is simply a symptom of that.

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  2. Unless there is some medical reason not to be vaccinated, I think everyone should. The boosters are now available and neither of us were happy that the Astra Zeneca was not being offered. We read a lot, I spoke to the breast cancer nurse and also my GP. We read some more. My readers gave me feedback, as did friends who had had the booster. We are booked in for next Sunday.

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