Throwback Thursday #13 – Snack Time

Welcome back to Throwback Thursday. Maggie is hosting this week. I apologize for posting late. It’s been a busy medical day. Both my wrists are wrapped making me use one finger to type. Add my computer refusing to work and you have a truly handicapped blogger.

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This week’s prompt is: Snack Time Consider these questions when you write:

Did your family snack? Were your snacks homemade or purchased from a store? Did your family bake or make treats for the holidays? What was your favorite? Are you a sweet or salty snacker? What candy or snacks did you like best? Why? What snacks did you deplore? Are there any candies you loved that are no longer made? Do you snack now? How has your taste for snacks changed over the years?

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Snacks  have always been a part of my life. As kids, my brothers and I were often called bean poles. We were very thin. (Oh the sweet memories,) We seemed to eat nonstop when we were growing up. Snacks were typically homemade cookies. That never stopped us from turning in bottles to get change for a candy bar or two.

We never had penny candy stores. If my memory serves, candy bars were ten cents each. I enjoyed the candy that lasted a long time. That meant Tootsie Rolls, Big Hunk, Bit-O Honey, and Black Cows. My teeth can’t handle those anymore. Candy sticks, Pixie Sticks, and candy cigarettes were all the rage at lunchtime at school. Necco,, Smarties, and Good N Plenty were great to share with friends.

The whole truth of course is that nothing compared to the chocolate bars. Reese’s Peanut Butter cups have always been my favorite. I also liked Hershey’s Crunch, Hershey bars, and anything with almonds or coconut. I still don’t understand why Almond Joy is milk chocolate and Mounds is dark chocolate. I want dark chocolate with almonds. 

Sugar was typically my snack of choice. I did go through my Fritos, Doritos, Ruffles phase during my teen years. My mom couldn’t keep enough snacks in the house. When there were three teens at one time, I wonder how she kept us in junk food. 

It was interesting when I had my own house. My thought process was that as a kid, your parents wouldn’t allow you to eat the amount of junk food you wanted. When you were a teen, you didn’t eat all the junk food because of it’s effects on acne breakouts. Then as an adult, you don’t eat all the junk food you like because the pounds are too hard to get rid off. I guess the universe is trying to tell me to stay away from junk food snacks.

Halloween was the once a year glorious time when you had an overload of candy. We would trade favorites with family and friends. I always wanted to get rid if anything on a stick. Mini chocolate bars were heavenly. I could eat and eat them without feeling guilty. 

Hanukkah gelt was always a part of our holiday. Chocolate coins were special. I gave them to my kids and now to my grands. See’s has some pretty good gelt. A lot of the cheap ones taste like wax. That’s a no go for me.

When I took home ec at school, I became the snack maker. I made cookies, fudge, and/or cupcakes almost every weekend. Again, I could still eat all I wanted without gaining weight. Experimenting with recipes was a blast. My brothers happily ate my snack treats. 

I still like to snack. I prefer chocolate anything. I try my best to limit myself. I don’t bake much anymore. Having sugar snacks in the house is way too tempting. I am grateful that we don’t have the bakery truck delivering fresh donuts like we had when I was a kid. I am grateful that there are no longer ice cream trucks any longer either. G-d forbid someone invents a chocolate bar delivery truck. It would be my demise for sure.



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  1. Ahhh, the years of eating anything we wanted with the metabolism to match! I loved Neccos and Bit-o-honey, but no Good-n-Plenty – there is not enough candy coating in the world to hide the taste of licorice. Home-etc inspired me to bake, too. (Your post did not link back to the original post so I will drop your link in the comments.) Hope your hands feel better this morning.

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