Truthful Tuesday & The Weekly Smile

Truthful Tuesday

Frank asks how things are going in our lives right now,  as opposed to a question this week.

Trent at the weekly smile told of a great time he had kayaking this November. Paula joined these prompts together and it seemed fitting to follow her example.

I’ve had a busy/lazy time this week. How is that possible? Well, you see I was able to make numerous medical appointments and do a whole lot of nothing also. I also managed to finally send off more than twenty cards to friends and loved ones. I smiled as I dropped them off, because this year, it was BEFORE the holiday. LOL

I got in right away, on a cancellation, to see a favorite doc. I explained all my symptoms and she had three possibilities of what could be causing them. She got me right in to get a scan she wanted. She called me later in the day to tell me I was OK, which was wonderful. I had a PT appointment. The physical therapist was good and sent me home with exercises to do. The OC was a new gig for me. The occupational therapist I saw is a specialist on hands and wrists. He did a few different tricks I have never had done before. My wrist still hurts of course, and I go back tomorrow to see him.   I have two more appointments tomorrow. While this seems like a busy pain in the tuchus, it makes me smile to be able to work toward my own better health.  I am grateful for the ability to seek different treatments to make my pain less severe. 

When not driving hither and yon to go to appointments I have tried to do little else. I won’t lie, I am still doing too much in my garden. It is my happy place. I had someone come out yesterday and remove the sprinklers I had dug out. My end goal is to get an artificial lawn out front. Little by little, I am working on the planters that surround the dirt “non-lawn.”  I have not been doing any painting on my balcony rails (even though they need doing), I have not been doing any heavy cleaning (because it can wait), I have not been doing any scrapbooking (because it hurts my wrist), and I have not been spending hours in the kitchen. I am trying to eat more non-meat meals. This makes a smiling, happy me.   

What I have been doing, is searching for easy new recipes for two for Thanksgiving. It is fun to try something that I have never done before. Admittedly, I could have an all dessert feast and be gloriously happy. But alas, I also want turkey. I found a wild rice dressing/stuffing I am going to make next week. My cousin and I are having a simple dinner, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want variety.  🙂 

My other fun activity has been searching for Hanukkah presents for my grandkids. I have the little gifts for most of the days purchased. I have a couple of large gifts also. It’s fun finding eight gifts for each of the kids. I am still smiling at the wrapped gifts I have for my grandkids. I can’t wait to light candles with them.  Hopefully, the youngest will have his vaccine soon. That will make me feel better.   

While my pain levels are elevated right now, I am grateful that I can see professionals who can try to help me. I have a busy November with more appointments to fill my month. Hopefully, my pain levels will be reduced and my Hanukkah will be even more joyous. 


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