Fandango’s Provocative Question #144


Fandango’s Provocative Question this week isn’t provocative to me at all. LOL

Do you have any tattoos? What is the meaning or significance of them? If you do have tattoos, do you have any regrets about any of them?

I’ve written about my tattoos before.  I still get a kick out of some people’s reaction to my ink. I guess I seem like a stick in the mud granny.
I got my first when I turned 65. It is a butterfly, which is a symbol for my mother. The center is a purple ribbon for my fibromyalgia. The wings contain the first letter of each of my grandkids.
Below the tattoo are the words past, present, and future. This tattoo represents who I am, who I came from, and whom I shall be a part of forever. 


I got my second, and last tattoo, a month later when I retired after 35 years of teaching. The dandelion has school supplies on the outer stems. Then paw prints to represent my love of dogs on the inner stems. The center has a star of David. This tattoo covers the things I have loved my entire life.



A funny story about my tattoos happened a few years ago. My aunt’s retirement home was evacuated because of fires in her area. I was newly in remission from a difficult medical issue. I wanted to see my aunt to make sure she was OK. I called the residence and they told me where she was. We traveled the almost two hours only to find that she was not there. After numerous calls and three more hotels, we finally found her. In my haste to want to see her, I forgot about my new tattoos and didn’t wear a shirt with sleeves. Tattoos are against her religious beliefs, and I had no intention of upsetting her. She was so happy to see me, she only made a few comments. LOL



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  1. I have no tattoos and no wish for any! A strange thing is our youngest and middle sons have similar designs on their left arm. One red one blue, neither new which design the other had chosen.
    I bet your Aunt was too pleased to see you to worry about the tats! 💜💜💜

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