Fibbing Friday – Nov. 12

Di is bringing us the Fibbing Friday questions. Our job is to lie about the answers to to the best of our abilities. Di offers:
No theme this week, so a bit of a nonsense lucky dip………..

1.   Lucky dip is self explanatory when it comes to gifts, but how did it originate?  People started to dip their marshmallows into a chocolate fountain. If the marshmallow didn’t fall off into the melted chocolate, then it was considered a lucky dip. 
2.   Why is seven considered a lucky number? Because on the 7th day G-d rested
3.   Why is thirteen considered unlucky? when bakers started making a baker’s dozen, the 13th donut had an unwelcome ingredient. The problem was you never knew which one was the 13th
4.   Why do they say elephants never forget? It is well  known that the sense of smell holds many memories. The elephant’s trunk allows for a huge memory bank.
5.    How did slippers get so called? Slippers were first designed so that bare feet did not get stuck on nails from hardwood floors. You put on the slippers so that you could slip over all the bad spots on the floor.
6.   What are the doldrums? The doldrums are a place deep in the forest where you can’t hear a tree when it falls.
7.   Do igloos have central heating?  Yes, in the center of the igloo is the latrine. The natural heat from the deposits heats the igloo.
8.   What was a jamboree bag? A jamboree bag was a bag with earplugs for parents while at their children’s musical performances.
9.   What were blackjacks? The little plastic jacks that replaced the metal ones in the children’s game.
10. Little Boy Blue blew what exactly? A little boy who blew blueberries out of his nose. When one got stuck there, he turned blue.


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