Throwback Thursday #12 – TV Memories

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This week’s prompt is: TV Memories

For those of us old enough to remember, the 1950’s were a time when people were transitioning from the radio to television as a means of entertainment. People sat around in the living room, watching the one television they owned. Most often it was a large box with a grainy black and white picture. Think back to the first TV shows you remember watching.

Was watching television a part of your family entertainment? Was it used as a partial babysitter? Do you remember specific shows you liked as a kid? Did you need to take turns with your siblings to choose what was watched, or did the parents have all the control? Were you around in the pre-remote-control days? Whose job was it to change channels? Were you a Saturday morning cartoon junkie? Which was your favorite show? Were you warned about sitting too close to the TV? Did you ever bug your parents to buy you some item advertised repeatedly on a program you watched? Do you ever watch reruns of the shows from your childhood?

My response follows.

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We had one television when I was growing up. There were only black and white programs when I was little. (Yes, I am dating myself.) My mom was the one who decided what we watched. I distinctly remember watching I Love Lucy, Ozzie and Harriet, Lassie, Make Room For Daddy, and of course, Father Knows Best. My mom would watch shows where people sang and danced.  I found them BORING.

When we would come home after school my older brother would always watch some western or another. I will admit I got hooked on Gunsmoke, Rawhide, and The Lone Ranger. I remember my mom not wanting my younger brother and I watching The Twilight Zone, because she felt it was too scary.

Our TV had rabbit ears and it was always in need of being adjusted. My brother would want me to change the channel all the time. I was a pesky kid sister and would say that if he wanted to watch his shows, he needed to change the channel. We didn’t have many channels to choose from when I was a little kid.

Saturday morning was the time my younger brother and I were up early to watch our shows. We watched Howdy Doody, Mighty Mouse Playhouse, Woody Woodpecker, Huckleberry Hound, and Bugs Bunny. I am sure the television was our babysitter for Saturday mornings. I was fine with that of course. When shows changed from black and white to color, it was even more addicting to me.

All three of us would ask my mom to buy some sort of cereal or other junk that was advertised during our programs. Rarely did we ever get what we asked for, because on the few occasions we did, we ended up not liking it. I was a commercial junkie. I could repeat most of the commercials I had seen so many times. I still remember a few from when I was a little kid.

I remember being told repeatedly by my mom, to not sit too close to the TV. She told us it was damaging to our eyesight. So of course, whenever she left the room, we would squat down right in front of the tube. I passed that declaration to my kids and they to theirs. Now I hear that that is not in fact true at all. Oh well, live and learn.

My grandparents had one TV. It was in their den. I don’t ever remember it being on unless it was a Dodger game. My grandfather used to say that he moved from New York to LA because of the Dodgers. I enjoyed sitting and watching the baseball game, not because I liked watching sports, but because I liked being with my grandpa. I don’t remember my grandma ever sitting with us watching the game.

When the 60’s started having more shows with twists to them I was thrilled. Batman, Bewitched, and the Beverly Hillbillies were my favorites. During the school year my inside time was spent watching TV and reading. During the summer, it was TV all the time. TV was the great escape.

Growing up I never had a tv in my room. At some point my mom had one in her bedroom. That meant that we kids could watch what we wanted. The only problem with that was that my older brother always had control over the TV. In my teen years, before he moved out, he would watch any sports on TV rather than let us watch something we wanted. I truly hated sports. I was forced as a kid to watch fishing, golf, or something else equivalent to watching paint dry.

When my children’s father and I got a used TV as a holiday gift, we were thrilled. We didn’t have a TV at the time. It seems so strange to me that the grandkids watch TV on their phones. I think they are more addicted to their phones than I am to TV noise.

I have the TV on in the background all the time. It keeps me company. It has for most of my life. I prefer to have on old reruns because I don’t need to watch it to know what is happening. LOL The TV is on when I sew, clean, scrapbook, cook, or most any other activity. These days, there are only a few shows I want to actually watch without doing anything else.

TV has been in my life for a long time. It has made me laugh, made me cry, taught me things, and brought me closer to places I will never go to. The one thing I rarely use it for now, is to hear about the news. That is just too depressing. I’ll just use it for entertainment for now.


31 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #12 – TV Memories

  1. Great post, Lauren. I am sure we have many of the same memories. I will post mine later today. I have been rewatching some of the old series like Bewitched and The Beverly Hillbillies over the last month.

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  2. Same here about how I use a TV now. No news, only entertainment. I, too, was told not to sit too close to the TV because it’d ruin my eyesight. Considering how blurry those old TV screens were, it was the only way I could see anything!

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