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Melanie brings us her Share Your World. questions each Monday.

1) How many pillows do you sleep with?  If over one or two, is it because you sleep better ‘propped up’ a little? I sleep with two or three that rotate. Sleep is not my friend so I am always shifting and moving the two regular pillows and the one small one trying to get comfy. 

2) What would be the worst thing you could put in a piñata? (for those unfamiliar with piñatas, they’re a popular party ‘game’ especially at children’s parties.  Made of paper maché the idea is to hit the thing which is on a rope or tied in the air somehow with a stick or something, and get the prize if you smush it open.  It’s filled with candy and small toys usually)   I didn’t go to gross things for this. What I thought was what might some silly person think might be a good idea, but would actually be horrible. So I figured goldfish would be an awful idea. 

3) What noise annoys you the most? scratching Styrofoam containers (Yikes)

4) If cartoon physics suddenly replaced real physics, what are some things you would want to try? I’d like to paint a tunnel on a rock and drive right through it

5) GRATITUDE SECTION (as always, OPTIONAL) Please share something good that has happened to you over the past month. I am grateful that my cousin will be spending Thanksgiving with me so I shall not be alone while my spouse drives to Canada to see his parents


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  1. Thanks Lauren for Sharing Your World! A goldfish might not survive being put in a pinata. The drop alone might kill it. O_o I always loved that tunnel trick. That and the ‘instant’ hole you can pick up and put down if you need a hole suddenly *snicker* Great choice! 🙂 Have a grand and great week!

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