Wordle #265

Lisa from The Versesmith is  the substitute Wordler for the next three weeks. Travel over to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie to join in.
The words are: obtain     bounce    would   Siamese   brawny   record  cent  right steep  wood  colossal  left

When she first saw the brawny Siamese cat, it was sitting there all alone on the steep pile of wood next to the barn. The surprising factor was not that the seemingly lost cat was up so high, but that it was so overweight. It surely must be someone’s pet. As she got closer to the cat, it bounced right off the pile and onto the back of the truck bed. She wondered if it would be difficult to obtain the cat’s trust.

She set out a colossal bowl full of cat treats on the ground, to the left of the truck. In record time, the cat gulped down every last bite. She ventured closer to the cat, and to her surprise it did not run away.

There was no collar on the cat, so she knew that meant a trip to the vet to see if it was microchipped. To her surprise, the cat was unchipped. The vet then told her that someone had brought in a flyer for a missing Siamese.

She called the owner in an attempt to return the cat. The owner explained that the cat’s hunger could not be satiated. The owner clarified that she was down to her last cents, because of trying to feed the cat. She asked if she could keep the cat, as the owner seemed to be struggling with feeding him.

Everyone agreed to the transfer of ownership. The Siamese was in heaven. It seemed the barn was full of mice. The cat never went hungry again.



17 thoughts on “Wordle #265

  1. What a nice story, with a happy ending! My two cats both just showed up. One had a chip, but the “owners” hadn’t put any information on it, so I couldn’t contact them. The chip was inserted in another state too, where the shelter had no record. She’s mine now! Some people just don’t take cat ownership seriously.

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  2. I used to have a very burly Siamese cat. As a kitten, his liver started failing. The vet advised that he might not survive, but my best bet was to feed him lots of high-calorie food. His liver healed, and as it did so, he became quite large. He was always a big beast. Then at 15 years old, he started losing weight. It seems he had been bitten by a spider. He dropped from 21 pounds to seven in the space of a few months and stopped eating. It broke my heart to have him put to sleep. He was always quite an affectionate fellow.
    ~ornery owl~

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