Fibbing Friday Nov. 5

It’s Di’s turn for Fibbing Friday this week. She alternates with Frank, aka PCGuyIV.

1.  Where did Fireworks originate? Fireworks began when a husband and wife had a huge disagreement. The husband refused to listen to the always correct wife, so she invented fireworks to get his attention. It occasionally worked.
2.  What gives fireworks their color? The color is determined by the degree of angst the wife is feeling about her non-listening spouse. The angrier she is, the more vivid the colors are.
3.  What does PGI stand for? Perturbed Grouchy Insanity 
4.  What is the difference between a Firework and a Firecracker? The firecracker is the intelligent woman. The fireworks are what she is forced to use to get her spouse’s attention.
5.  Which country uses fireworks on August 20th to mark it National Celebration Day? March 28 was the typical International Women’s Day. When women started using fireworks as part of their celebration, they moved it to August 20 so as to not get the other countries upset about their powers. 
6.  What is a sparkler? A sparkler is an unmarried woman learning to use her smaller fireworks to get her boyfriend to listen. 
7.  Who is the largest manufacturer and exporter of fireworks in the world? Whichever country has the most married women at the time. 
8.  To what does baozhang refer? That is the noise made by the men who finally understand the importance of listening to their wives.
9.  Who composed Music for The Royal Fireworks? Miss Piggy did, right after she married Kermit. She has a royal complex.
10. What is a Chocolate Bomb? The gift given by husbands to make amends for  their poor behavior.

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