Fandango’s Story Starter

It’s early in the morning and time for Fandango’s Story Starter. Since I’ve lived here for over three decades, I am going with a bit of future fiction.

When I first moved here a few months back, I couldn’t believe that my dreams had finally come true. I was living at the beach, just as I had dreamed for most of my life. My little house was everything I needed.   

I had a hobby room with all my sewing and crafting supplies. I had a small garden in the backyard. My front yard consisted of sand, tons and tons, of beautiful sand.   

Sometimes I felt like I was living my dream. Now, I know my dreams have come to fruition and I am gloriously happy. It’s only been a few months, but G-d willing, I’ll spend years living in joyful bliss. 

Luxury beautiful small house on the beach located at the tropical island

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