SoCS October 30

Linda is our host for SoCS. She says:
Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “boo.” Find a word with the letters “boo” in it or use “boo” as is and base your post on it. Enjoy!

The first thought that come to mind tonight is scrapbooking. I have been scrapbooking for a few decades. I was invited to a Creative Memories class by the spouse of a fellow teacher. I needed something to do to replace my wonderful long walks I used to do with my dogs. My plantar fasciitis was at its worst and I could barely walk to the restroom in the morning without tears. I needed a new creative outlet. I had always taken pictures and added them to albums, but this was a whole new ball game. Scrapbooking became an addiction. I subscribed to scrapbooking magazines, I read scrapbooking books, I watched scrapbooking TV programs, and whenever I felt OK, I traveled to scrapbooking stores.   

Because I couldn’t climb the stairs to access my spare bedroom, I had a sunroom added off my ground floor master bedroom. My scrapbooking room was/is my haven. I have IKEA furniture all around the room specifically designed to hold my supplies. I have more materials than some stores. I am in the process of trying to use up my supplies. I hope to downsize my home and I don’t want to pack up and move all my goods.   

At one point I became a Creative Memories consultant. I held very few classes. Selling was/is not my forte. I ended up giving away a lot of my personal supplies to help get people started. I overpurchased supplies to make the minimum mandatory orders for months. I lost money on the business, so I stopped being a consultant.

The good thing about my side gig was that I was scrapbooking like crazy. I ordered 4 or 5 sets of almost every picture I took. I made a 12X12 album for myself and my mom. With the same pictures I also made an 8X10 album for my aunt and my in-laws. I also made an album for both daughters. Being the crazy woman that I was, I made each album with a different layout and different accents. A two-page spread would take me hours to complete in each of the albums. I continued this for years until I got burnt out. Then I stopped scrapbooking for a few years.

One of my favorite things to do has been to make scrapbooks as gifts. More than 25 years ago I took the pictures and made a scrapbook for my nephew’s Bar Mitzvah and my niece’s Bat Mitzvah. I also took photos and made a scrapbook for a couple of friend’s weddings. I took pictures and made a small scrapbook for a friend’s son’s bris. (nothing PG) I make cards with my scrapbooking supplies too. There is something very special to me about gifting a creative sentimental present.

Now, when I sit in my room, with a DVD playing in the background Annie lays beside me. There’s not much better than having your cake and eating it too. LOL



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