Three Things Challenge – The Proposal

He arrived at her house with the engagement ring safely tucked away in his pocket. When he bought it yesterday, he was satisfied  that he wasn’t moving too fast. He was tired of playing the field.  He wasn’t a fan of the crazy women he had met lately. He thought it through and was sure he was ready to pop the question. He might have to jump through some hoops to make her happy. He was sadly aware that he was no longer in the prime of his life. He knew he didn’t want to spend his tomorrows all alone. He also knew she would give him some sugar when she saw the quality large diamond he bought her.

But today, as he sat quietly in his car, he had a hollow empty feeling in his gut. Maybe he wasn’t as confident as he thought he was. He had a foul  taste in his mouth as he repeatedly practiced his proposal. Was he doubting himself, or the entire relationship?

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