Truthful Tuesday

Frank, aka PCGuyIV, is the host for Truthful Tuesday. 
Truthful Tuesday

The Question: Considering how last year went and the current state of things, do you have any plans for Halloween this year? Will you be going to any costume parties, handing out trick-or-treat candy, or just staying at home with the porch light off so no one will bother you? Please let us know!

I am past the Halloween party stage. When the grands were little, we would go with them trick or treating. Last year I had no desire to have strangers interact with us. There aren’t many little kids here and the hilly streets make walking difficult. So for years we’ve had no visitors. Years ago I used to put out pumpkins we carved and repeatedly went to the door  to hand out candy. Now a days ,I buy the candy and no one comes. This year, I still don’t feel safe with anyone coming to my door, so it is just as well that there aren’t rick-or-treaters. 


6 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday

  1. Very few kids trick or treat at our house although we are always ready. We live on a big hill. Last year with the Pandemic we had none although we took our granddaughter and nephew to a few houses, mostly where people left candy on the porch.

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    1. That’s smart. I did that for years. Problem was, I enjoyed them too much. So what I started doing was to buy a huge bag of candy I didn’t like. Typically smarties. Then when I would review for a quiz or a test I would toss smarties to my students if they got the answer right.

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