Throwback Thursday #8 – Collections

It’s my turn this week for Throwback Thursday Memory Blog hop. Next week Maggie will return, as we rotate each week.

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This week’s prompt is: Collections – Take this prompt wherever it leads you. Here are some suggestions to consider.

Did you start collecting things as a young child? We’re there special trinkets you enjoyed saving? Where did you keep your treasures? Do you still have anything from your early collections? Did you collect things because family and friends wanted to contribute to your “set?” Do you have collections now? Do you enjoy adding to a friend or family member’s prize collections? Have you ever needed to tell someone to please stop adding to the hoard? Have you inherited anyone’s collection?

My post follows.

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The first collection I ever had was seashells. During the summer as a special treat we would make the trek to one of the peaceful beaches nearby. My younger brother and I were both good swimmers. We would take off into the water and only return when we were exhausted or starving. My time was consumed with body surfing and collecting shells. Each time I reached the water’s edge I would pick up shells. I had numerous small boxes of shells all over my bedroom. The ocean has been my happy place for as long as I can remember.

When I started playing with Barbies as a kid, I didn’t have real furniture.for my dolls so I collected small food containers and boxes to make furniture. My Barbie had a sofa, chairs, fridge, washing machine, lamps, and a table and chairs. They were far from beautiful but I loved my collection.

I started collecting stamps in elementary school. I was intrigued by the stamps from far away family. At one point I saved my pop bottles and sent away for a package of mixed used stamps. I would look at the stamps and imagine the places they originated from. I am unsure as to where they ended up. I resumed collecting stamps later and used them to accent cards I made.

The first collection I started that I still have, was my salt and pepper shakers. My new spouse and I went to Yosemite camping for our honeymoon. I wanted a souvenir that didn’t cost much, so I purchased a set of salt and pepper shakers. That was 49 years ago. Over the years I collected more and more S&Ps that brought me joy. For awhile, I was hooked on cartoon S&Ps. I had numerous Disney and Warner Bros  ones that were very precious to me. For years, family and friends added to my stash. It was wonderful for quite awhile to get new pieces. About two years ago, I decided to downsize my collection. I sent family and friends sets I thought they might like. I set aside forty or fifty sets to deliver to my cousin back east. I packed up 250 other sets and delivered them to a friend. She has a niece that also collects S&Ps. I told her to take any that appealed to  her. Happily, she found many that appealed to her.

I have been collecting menorahs for 30 plus years. My mom had a couple and when I started my collection I asked if she would like a few more. She agreed that she wanted some which was great for me. I was able to add to her collection as well as mine. When she passed away the menorahs returned to my home. I have some stashed away for my grandkids when they get their own homes.

I have my mom’s collection of Norman Rockwell figurines. The  collection is important to me  because my mom loved them. In order to find them a home I decided to gift my music box collection to friends and family members. I only have so much space and I hope to downsize in the future.

I collected and displayed family pictures all over my house. My garage is carpeted for the dog and crafting for the grandkids. I had a collection of about thirty plus pictures on one wall. Most were of the grandkids as little ones. I repainted my garage a year ago and finally took down all the pictures. I donated my collection of frames and added the photos to my scrapbooks.

I have been collecting books ever since I lived on my own. Garage sales, thrift stores, and second hand bookshops were my choices to add to my collection. Now Amazon and Alibris are my-go to spots.  I do not have books on my computer. Every so often, I go through my collection and regift or donate books.

My most unusual collection is my bowling balls. I started my collection six years ago when my mom passed away. I used all her costume jewelry to decorate the ball. From there, I was hooked. I have started the ball for my aunt since her passing away in February. My collection will be the most difficult one to move in the future.

I also enjoy collecting yard art. I picked things up at thrift stores and painted them for uniformity. My yard is anything but boring.

Right now, I am working on using up some of my scrapbooking supply collection. I hope to use up at least half of my collection before moving. The scrapbooks holds my most treasured collection, my memories.



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  1. Humans seem to have an instinct to collect. I have collected stamps, coins, miniatures, etc. I know people who collected squirrel or frog figures but received so many that they had to plead with gifters to stop.

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    1. I get it. Because I was a teacher for so long I had a huge collection of coffee cups. I don’t drink coffee or tea. What I would usually end up doing was to fill the cup with candies and deliver them to nursing homes around the holidays. (Pre Covid of course)

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