Messed Up Computer and Messed Up Body

Hello all. It’s been a crazy day again. My body is still in the throes of terrible itching that no one can figure out what it is. I’ve tried medication after medication. The doctor has no clue. The prescription meds put me to sleep as do the OTCs.  It may subside enough to function, but not to accomplish anything.


I’ve tried to blog and while I can eventually read other pots, my computer doesn’t want me to do so.  I have come to the conclusion that my computer is suffering from whatever ailment I have and needs to rest also.

Just to write this has taken way too much time. I give up for the night.



I’ll try again tomorrow.

28 thoughts on “Messed Up Computer and Messed Up Body

  1. So sorry to hear this Lauren. Hubby’s skin itches when his pain meds are wearing off. It’s enough to actually wake him up at night.
    Usual things to ask though: have you changed washing powders, soap, shampoo, cosmetics, etc?
    Hubby is allergic to lanolin and perfumes in some products and it has been a process of elimination to isolate things. We used the green basic Fairy soap for years and now they don’t do it. We tried alternatives, and now have discovered a cheap make of unperfumed soap which suits us both with no frothy lather.
    Hope you feel better soon and can get some rest.

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