SoCS – October 9 – Lid

Linda is the host of SoCS. Each week we need to use her prompt to see what we can write off the cuff.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “lid.” Use it in the literal sense, use it in the metaphorical sense, use it any way you’d like. Have fun!


I made the mistake of reading some of the replies to the prompt today before getting my act together to write. Many of my ideas were already written about. In true SoCS form, I am just popping thoughts on to my post.     

I was thinking about the hundreds of times, when my kids were young that I had to remind them of putting the lid on the toothpaste.  It was a never ending nag. 

I don’t appreciate it when the lid to the milk is not put on tight. I too am guilty of doing this one though. 

I got so frustrated with never being able to find the right lid to my pots and pans that I finally purchased silicone lids in three sizes. They are amazing and I use them almost every day. 

I reorganized all my bowls and lids and delivered the unmatched ones to a thrift store 

I cleaned out my pen drawers and every pen without a lid was checked. I tossed over 50 of them.     

As I have aged, I find that I have terrible trouble opening jar lids. When I used to fly to my mom’s house every month I would open lids for her because she wasn’t able to do it. Now I can’t open them. It is frustrating. Arthritis has deprived me of the ability to do a simple task.   

On the same track, I can’t stand most medicine bottles. The lids are all different and my fingers don’t work as well anymore. When the bottle is particularly difficult I ask for the non-childproof lid.

I was taking out the trash yesterday. I opened up the trash lid outside and my hand was immediately bombarded with tons of ants.  I did a little scream, turned on the hose outside, and washed them off. This in turn meant I had to take a shower to rid myself of the intruders.     

When Annie hears me open the lid on her dog food or the pumpkin I add to her food, she goes crazy. 

When I was teaching labs in my classroom I always was a stickler about returning lids to the vials before opening another one. Even simple things like vinegar and water should never be confused in an experiment.   

One of the first lessons in teaching how to complete a lab was to NEVER have a lid on a test tube when heating the contents.   

That’s where my mind went. I will keep a lid on any other thoughts.


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