Truthful Tuesday – Trigger Warning – I Am A Chocoholic

Frank is our host for Truthful Tuesday. Today he asks:
Do you have a sweet tooth, or do you prefer savory snacks?

WARNING ! I genuinely have nothing but respect for any and all recovery programs. This is my warped sense of humor coming out in a blog response.

1) I have admitted I am powerless over chocolate. My life can easily become unmanageable over its power. Just look at the scale when I go to the doctor and you will see that chocolate ice cream is my nemesis. 
2) I have come to believe that a Power greater than myself could restore me to sanity. This includes my doctor, my clothes, my mirror, and other highly visible reminders.
3) I made a decision to turn my will power over to WW so another group of people could berate me when I indulged in my chocolate habit.
4) I made an inventory of all the chocolates I would eat if there were no negative consequences. I like chocolate chip cookies, chocolate donuts, Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, all chocolate ice creams, dark chocolate brownie cheesecake, brownies (with and without nuts), chocolate shakes, See’s dark chocolate nuts and chews, chocolate cupcakes, and of course See’s chocolate lollipops.
5) I have admitted to myself the exact nature of my wrongdoings. I need to keep all chocolate out of my house, out of my view, and most importantly, out of my mouth.
6) I am actually not quite ready to remove all these temptations forever.
7) I try to talk to myself about moderation. Myself listens momentarily, but often she refuses to heed my own warnings.
8) I made a list of all the places temptation rises. To avoid those places, I would have to never leave my house and never watch TV. (Temptation is everywhere.)
9) I try to tell myself that I am a good person even with this addiction. I attempt to justify my crutch by using up calories. Did you know you can ride a stationary bike for a half an hour and not even use up enough calories for an apple? What’s up with that?
10) I continue to examine the chocolates that make it into my grocery cart. I tell myself I must put every “bad” item back so I will not be tempted.
11) I’ve tried bio-feedback, meditation, and horror of all horrors looking at myself naked in the mirror. These are all merely temporary ways to side step my addiction.
12) I have never tried to dissuade others from their chocolate addictions. I don’t want to be THAT person. I’d hate to have to say , “Do as I say, not as I do!”

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