Share Your World – 10/4/21

Melanie is the host of Share Your World. She provides the questions and we reply with what applies to us, in our world.

QUESTIONS: (Some just ‘off the cuff’ ones today)
1) How do you feel about sharing your computer or phone password with your partner? I have no problem sharing my computer or password. Just don’t ask me to share my rocky road ice cream.

2) What is the greatest struggle you’ve overcome? (This isn’t meant to be invasive, just use general terms if you’d like.  Or if not, feel free to pass on the question.  That’s allowed too). Realizing that I can love someone who has hurt me greatly, but still need to stay away from them.

3) If heaven is real and you died tomorrow, do you think you would get in?  Why or why not?  (this is purely speculation, no bias if you don’t believe) I don’t believe there is a place to get in to. I do believe I will be able to reconnect with the energies that brought me love in this realm.

4) What makes you feel like you really need to be alone? Pre-pandemic, too many people. I don’t do well with crowds or too many people. Now, people PERIOD.

GRATITUDE SECTION  (as always, optional) Do you have any traditions around this time of year?
I once loved to dress up for Halloween and I would travel to go tick-or-treating with grandkids. I hosted Thanksgiving for many years. This is still my first year post losing the last member of my prior generation. A heavy heart is part of every first without them.

I will not do Thanksgiving this year, once again. A small turkey with favorite sides will suffice.

I am finally regaining the holiday spirit though. I am working on gathering eight gifts for each of the grandkids. I am grateful to be able to look forward to something.



7 thoughts on “Share Your World – 10/4/21

  1. Thank you Lauren for Sharing Your World! Feeling in the holiday mood can take a while, especially if a death of a close one has occurred. I think it takes time to adjust to their absence, and that amount of time isn’t set. For some it’s easier than others to get used to things ‘now’. I totally understand the “people” answer. It’s the same for me. And learning to love someone from a distance is tough. Congratulations on accomplishing that. It takes a lot of inner strength! Have a great week!

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