SoCS – inspire/aspire/expire

Linda is absent today, but the show goes on. Linda has entrusted Dan (from No Facilities) with the task of providing the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.
Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “inspire/aspire/expire.” Use them in any form you like. Use one, use two or use them all if you want. If you use two, you get bonus points! If you use all three, Cheryl will put your next drink on David’s tab. Enjoy!

As I have aged, thoughts of expiring invade my thoughts more often. Perhaps it is because I have lost more and more people I care about in recent times. Just yesterday I was informed that my eye doctor/friend of many years passed away from cancer. It was such sad news.

As I reviewed his Facebook page, I felt inspired. Here was a man who fulfilled many of his heart’s dreams before being stricken by cancer. He enjoyed many hobbies in addition to dearly loving his family.

I aspire to fulfill more items on my bucket list before I meet my expiration date. Seeing as how I have no clue when that date will come, I need to start planning some of the items ASAP.

I am grateful for the many events I have already checked. In no particular order:
I am grateful for traveling to China.
I am grateful for petting wild dolphins in Australia.
I am grateful for making a dear friend in New Zealand.
I am grateful for visiting a tulip festival.
I am grateful for exploring Ireland.
I am grateful for seeing the Eiffel Tower in France.
I am grateful for visiting castles in England.
I am grateful for riding in a gondola in Italy.
I am grateful for watching the sunset and sunrise in Greece.
I am grateful for parasailing at Big Bear.
I am grateful for attempting to scuba dive in New Zealand. Even if my claustrophobia stopped me from doing it.
I am grateful for multiple trips up and down the coast of California.
I am grateful for visiting extended family in Sweden.
I am grateful for spending a Mother’s Day in Mexico with my daughters.
I am grateful for getting my master’s degree.
I am grateful for being present at the births of my grandchildren.
I am grateful for going whale watching.
I am grateful for adopting dogs.
I am grateful for having bonfires at the beach.
I am grateful for swimming in the Pacific Ocean.
I am grateful for once flying first class.
I am grateful I dyed my hair purple.
I am grateful I got my two tattoos.

I still aspire to:

I’d still like to write a children’s book.
I’d still like to go to Scotland.
I’d still like to go up in a hot air balloon.
I’d still like to see my grandkids get married.
I’d still like to live in a house by the beach.
I’d still like to make a quilt for each of my grandkids.
I’d still like to get caught up on all my scrapbooks.
I’d still like to feel safe.



23 thoughts on “SoCS – inspire/aspire/expire

  1. That’s quite a gratitude list, and a lot of work to be done. Your last item is a poignant sign of the times. I think it’s on all of our bucket lists.

    On the other hand, you can add bonus points and a beer (or whatever) to the accomplishments/

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  2. Wow, you have traveled the globe and been to many countries, something for which I would be grateful as well. I can only lay claim to Canada, which is easy living in Wisconsin, but perhaps some day I can claim to have stepped into another country of my choosing. Good luck with your aspirations and have a wonderful Saturday.

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      1. Cliche as it may sound, take it one day at a time. And for me when it’s really bad I take it minute by minute. If anything is certain things will eventually change.

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