Not Me

My computer’s decided to be a pain in the butt
I guess it’ll just have to stay shut
Who knows how to fix it and can make my life easier?
Not me

I went to the store and bought some sweets
I told myself I deserved some treats
Who can resist temptation and eat them sparingly?
Not me

I took the meds prescribed by the doc
She promised they’d work so I did not balk
Who believes the RX will not make me sleep?
Not me

I finished cleaning the space under my fountain
It once was piled with debris shaped like a mountain
Who has faith that it will stay nice and clean?
Not me

My decorations out front needed to be repainted
With using a spray can, I am very acquainted
Who could finish the job without making a mess?
Not me

The mosquitos continue to attack me with bites
I hate this time of year when I face this plight
Who believes Skin So Soft works to repel them?
Not me

I need to mail off some trinkets for a friend
My goal was to get it ready before the weekend
Who stuck to their goal and finished the deed?
Not me

Stripped the bed and threw the sheets in on hot
It was then I found the dryer full of towels I’d forgot
Who takes joy in folding laundry?
Not me

I want to go and get my car cleaned
I need to find a place with a working machine
Who wants a stranger getting in their car to wash it?
Not me

Random thoughts in which I seem to complain
But getting them out tends to keep me sane
Who feels this is a silly and a worthless list?
Not me


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