dVerse – Birthday Poetry – The Sweet Baby Girl

Lillian is hosting at dVerse. She invites us to plug in our birthday on this Birthday Hits website. Select the songs from #1 hits on your birthday.  Pick at least one of the song titles that resonates and use its exact wording within your poem.
“…credit the song(s) and artist(s) at the end of your poem. You may or may not choose to share the year of the song….but do share the date!”




a new baby born
the family rejoiced
this girl was dearly wanted
the frightening news from the doctor
got everyone all shook up
a shining star surgeon
purchased a ticket to ride
to the far away hospital
the mother-in-law cried
joy to the world
the father-in-law sighed
you are the sunshine of my life
as the tiny bundle
recovered from surgery
the mom wept I was in love
the first time ever I saw your face
the dad vowed
he’d give her everything she wants
for the rest of her life
the miracle doctor exclaimed
I don’t wanna cry
but he did


30 thoughts on “dVerse – Birthday Poetry – The Sweet Baby Girl

    1. David it is my true story. When I saw the birthday tunes it just came to me. I was born with a hole in my lungs and not supposed to live. A miracle doctor from 3,000 miles away was visiting his sister, a nurse at the hospital. He performed a never before done surgery, and here I am.

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  1. I am so very impressed at how you fit all of these #1 song titles into one poem that tells a coherent and beautiful story! Well done!
    PS: I always adored Perry Como. I was 7 when he recorded Wanted. My parents and I always watched the Perry Como show on television and one of our favorite family traditions was watching his Christmas special every year. He was, by all reports, a gentle and very kind man. He had a crooner’s voice which wasn’t particularly strong. On one of his shows, which I’ll never forget, he had Ethel Merman as a guest. Don’t know if you know about her…..she had a BOOMING VOICE! The did a duet where he sang a bit, then she sang a bit, and when they sang together she REALLY had to temper her voice and sing as quietly as she could and he finally, at the end, just gave her a nod and she let it rip while they were singing together and he just laughed. There was absolutely no way you could hear him! If you listen to this recording you have here, you can understand that because when he’s singing with the chorus, you can barely hear his voice above the others. Oh my, thanks for the memories!

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    1. Terrific memories. Perry Como was a delight. And yes I know Ethyl Merman. The poem is based on my own birth. I was born with a hole in my lungs and not expected to live past 24 hours. After looking at the birthday website, it all just fell in to place.

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  2. Great post, Lauren. Our songs would have been the same, but the stories very, very different. I am glad you had the surgery and are here to tell the story to all of us. ❤️

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