Blogging Insights – New Format # 11

Blogging Insights – New Format # 11 - featured image

Dr. Tanya brings us her new style Blogging InsightsHer quote today is from Margaret Atwood.

Dr. Tanya asksWho do you write for? Yourself, your readers, or posterity? I would love to know.

I write for myself. I started writing on a blog for my mental health. I continued because I like the opportunity to use my brain. I wrote for a long time with no responses, no likes, no comments. It didn’t matter. I was getting healthy.   

I write now because I really enjoy the community. I like to respond to prompts that make me think. I probably use them as a crutch in some ways.  They are an automatic focus. When I have the time and energy, I really enjoy adding prompts from different blogs. Those stretch my blogging muscles.

I am thoroughly enjoying the Thursday blogging prompt Maggie and I are sharing. I appreciate the work that others put into their prompts much more now.   

Who knows if down the road, I will feel differently. Right now, it is good for me, it brings me happiness, and I like my fellow bloggers.

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  1. I have missed a memo somewhere. You have a Thursday prompt? Do share the details, because I’d love to participate! I think you have one of the healthiest attitudes and most positive outlook (besides Sadje). For someone (me) who sees things fairly negatively, it’s good to be exposed to people who see mostly good things and how wonderful the world is! Thanks! Great post! 🙂

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