SoCS September 25

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I find it interesting how many memories from near and far away are being connected in my brain. When writing a blog post recently, I remembered that my 6th grade teacher had my class make cards for me. The far away memory still makes me feel good. How is it possible that such a simple act of kindness meant so much to me? Why do I still hold it as a fond memory?

Mr. B was required to teach an art lesson once a week. It was not his strength, but he tried to introduce styles of art to squirrely 6th graders. I never felt that art was a strength of mine. I enjoyed the process though. For three months I received a weekly bag of handmade cards from my classmates. I read each and every one. I knew the kids had no choice about making the cards, because it was an assignment, but I still felt special.  

While writing the blog post about my chosen career field, I connected a few dots that I never knew existed. Receiving cards that were made for me, brought me joy. Growing up I made simple cards, like most kids. But to me they meant caring. I also loved to buy cards of all sorts.   Making cards is a project still near and dear to my heart.

Years ago, another teacher friend, that also collected cards, and I decided to send out two cards every Monday. We did it for most of the year. It made me happy. Random cards for non-birthday reasons, were fun to send out. I remember having students write cards for the office workers in appreciation. I oversaw the social committee at school for a few years. The task I had was to send out cards to anyone on staff with a birthday, new baby, or wedding. It was considered a committee position, but for me it was a joyful job.

Having my scrapbooking room means I have tons of supplies for card making. One year, I made a set of twelve Christmas cards for each of my teacher friends, office staff, and family members. Hanukkah was early that year, so it made for a great gift. It was easy to tell who appreciated the time involved in my gift.

One year I gave numerous writing friends and loved ones, a collection of stamped cards for them to send out. They were mostly cards from my collection. It felt good to send off a gift that brought me joy. They say that giving something you would like to receive is a good idea. I was given a few in return with sweet messages, that made me happy.

Lately I have been making cards for my family using old photos. I made one for my grandson at his graduation. I made one for my granddaughter for her birthday. I am making one for my daughter for her birthday too. Combining my joy of making cards, with my thrill of looking at old photos has been a wonderful task. 

I am grateful for the far away memory that  still makes me happy. I am grateful that I figured out why cards are so important to me. I might need to start sending no reason cards again. 

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  1. How wonderful that you’ve made lots of cards to send. I used to do that for awhile. These days it’s getting rarer that people send actual cards through the mail, as they’d rather send an email greeting. Those are fine, but to get a hand made card is so much better. 🙂

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