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Music Memories – Maybe it’s a song that brings back good memories. Maybe it was your first radio or record player – or iPod depending on your age. Maybe it is the song that always moves you to tears. What song was played at your wedding? Did you have band posters hanging on your bedroom walls? What are your music-connected memories?

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I am not an audiophile. But I do love music. When I started blogging, it was a means to recover from a dark place. I spent a year finding things I was grateful for. On the 16th day of my blogging I wrote about the strongest music memory I have. You can read it here. No surprise, the Beatles have been in my life for a very long time.

I remember as a kid, scouring the neighborhood for soda bottles. I wanted the pennies to purchase 45’s. I must say, I had a pretty good collection, back in the day. Once I acquired my portable record player, I was in heaven. I no longer had to go into the living room to play my music. I could shut my door and enjoy “good” music. Oh, to be a kid again. 

While I was basking in the totally awesomeness of Beatles music, my mom typically listened to what I called, twangy country music. I hated her noise. She of course, thought my music was trash. That is pretty much what I thought of the music my daughters listened to as kids. Music has always been a marker of teen rebellion in one way or another. In my experience, when you listen to your own tunes, you are deciding to depart from what you’ve grown up with.

When my children were little, I wanted to expose them to a variety of music styles. I checked out LPs from the library. We listened to opera (not for long), jazz, blues, soft rock, hard rock, and of course kid’s music. Typically, there was music playing most of the day.

When I was attending college classes I would always study with music on in the background. It was part of my study regime. When I started teaching, I would look for music to go along with my lessons. Music would be playing as the students entered my class and wrote in their agendas. Soon enough they would try to “name that tune.” A few times, I had students who knew all my music. When I asked if their parents listened to my music, I was told, no their grandparents. Oy vey.

When my grandkids came along, I constantly made up songs to common melodies. While they were little, and couldn’t object, I sang to them all the time. I don’t know when they finally figured out that my songs weren’t real. They do still enjoy a song or two of my silliness.

My iPod had thousands of tunes specifically chosen to make me happy. When it was stolen out of my car a few weeks ago I not only felt violated, but also a deep loss of my music. I am forced to listen to the radio now. I don’t like the radio. I don’t like commercials. I don’t like talk radio. I don’t like not being able to seek a tune I hunger to hear. Today, for the first time, I listened to a made for me CD with MY tunes. It’s a step toward driving music happiness.

Music is great when you need cheering up, when you are rejoicing, when you are contemplative, when you are feeling spiritual, when remembering your past, when thinking of someone you love or loved, when cleaning, when quieting your spirit, when you are in a head banging mood, when celebrating,  when you want to chill, when …

There isn’t a bad time for listening to music. In my opinion, music ties memories together. I have tons of good memories.

12 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Music Memories

  1. I never rebelled against the music of my older family members. I actually have quite a few wonderful memories tied to their music. And I love good country music, I suppose because I love the story-telling aspect.

    Our family always makes up songs, too. And my girls love to do the same. It’s fun and creative.

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  2. Loved reading about your musical memories! You’re right that music goes with just about anything you’re doing. Your ipod got stolen? How awful to lose so many songs you took the time to include. Hope you’ll be able to get another one and find your favorites songs again.

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      1. I don’t know if they do or not. Seems like they’d have them or something similar? I never had one myself. I’ve taken to adding a lot of favorite songs music videos of mine just to my blog to save. I used to have itunes thing but it disappeared when we had repairs or something to the computer.

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  3. I remember buying my first record player. I paid off so much a week until it was paid for (£17-10s-0d) then brought it home on the bus. I didn’t have a 3 amp fuse so wouldn’t use it until we bought one the next day. A lot of my pocket money went on records.

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