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PROMPT #200     Welcome back!
It’s been a busy and tiring week. All I could muster is a very colorful image. Would love to see your creativity go berserk with it.

Stephanie read the note one more time. It was scrawled in black ink on a wrinkled piece of paper. The note said to arrive promptly at 8 o’clock at Madam Zelda’s office. Annoyed, but willing to go along, Stephanie put the address in her phone.
She arrived at the palm reader’s establishment at the designated time. Being the skeptic that she was, she assumed this was all hooey. Stephanie acquiesced with her roommate’s emphatic desire to “see her future.” Needless to say, Stephanie felt her roommate, Misty, had less than stellar ideas of fun. Perhaps by doing this favor, it would mean that she could suggest their next Friday night adventure, would be to the Griffith Observatory. She could only hope.

They entered the small dimly lit room. It was difficult to see anything but the large crystal ball on the table. Madam Zelda entered and sat down between the ladies. It took great effort  for Stephanie not to laugh at how cliché the place was.

Misty went first and placed her petite hand into Madam Zelda’s rough hands. The palm reading seemed to be nothing remarkable. The clairvoyant stated that in her pineal eye, Misty’s palm was green all over. She went on to predict a happy future with a beloved man. Nothing said was earth shaking or worrisome. It was safe to say that Stephanie was not impressed.

It was Stephanie’s turn next. She placed her hand in Zelda’s.  Madam Zelda immediately started shaking. At first, Stephanie assumed it was all a part of her act. She soon realized Madam Zelda did seem genuinely disturbed. She refused to look Stephanie in the eye. When Madam Zelda tried to explain what Stephanie’s hand looked like in her pineal eye, she became more distressed. Evidently the explosion of colors was a foretelling of great disaster. The magnitude of the catastrophe to come was more frightening than Madam Zelda had ever seen.

Madam Zelda fainted on the table seconds after Stephanie’s hand turned the exact colors Madam Zelda had seen in her third eye.


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