Fibbing Friday – Sept 17

It’s Franks turn to provide the Fibbing Friday questions today. He and Di alternate writing questions that we are required to lie answering. Big lies, little lies, as long as you are fibbing, you are on track. The theme this time is Harry Potter. 

1) What exactly is the philosopher’s stone? A philosopher’s stone is an igneous rock with powers to see into the future. It makes the philosopher seem very intelligent and ahead of their time.

2) What is kept in the Chamber of Secrets? The chamber of secrets holds all the receipts for the extravagant gifts the chamber maids received. 

3) Why was Harry Potter known as “The Boy Who Lived”? Harry liked to live high on the hog. He would give everyone gifts no matter their station in life. Everyone always exclaimed , “That Harry is the boy who knows how to live! ” It was later shortened to the boy who lived.

4) What was the Elder Wand made of? The elder wand was made of the elbow joints of all the former heads of Hogwarts. It was believed that elbow grease could solve any problems. By grinding down and putting the elbow joints into the wand, any problem could be solved.

5) What are the Deathly Hallows? The deathly hallows are an area created to make a maze that cannot be traveled through unless you are pure of thought. If you are evil you will spend the rest of your time until you die. Hence the name, deathly hallows.

6) Who wrote Magical MeMagical-me was mini-me’s cousin. He had powers to transform into other beings. The caveat was that they had to be under three feet tall. 

7) What is a Firebolt? A firebolt is headache you get when you use magic on muggles. It is meant to dissuade you from perpetrating the terrible crime.

8) What are the Nimbus 2000, and the Nimbus 2001? These are the latest vacuums used at Hogwarts. They are made specifically to clean up owl’s feathers, which as everyone knows will clog your ordinary vacuum. 

9) What does polyjuice potion do? Polyjuice potion makes the person polyamorious. It is used by consenting adults who have inhibitions, but want to enjoy new experiences. 

10) What does a portkey do? A portkey is a pretend key to open a wine box. It was made to give the illusion of a real cork you would find in a real bottle of wine.


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