Share your World – Tomorrow is Another Day

Melanie is our host for Share Your World. She asks the questions and we get to answer them. It seems like a formula for success.

1) When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done? As I am a non-stop talker/writer, I doubt I could ever do as much as I say. I am grateful for all that I have done in this lifetime though. 

2) What does the world need less of? So many things come to mind. I ‘ll stick with the first thing that came into my mind, EVIL (That covers so many of my secondary answers – politicians, law makers, criminals, racists, bullies, etc.)

3) Do you feel older or younger than your age? Mentally, I usually feel younger. Physically, it changes on my daily pain levels.  Usually, I feel older.

4) What is a cause you’ll always passionately support? I will always support women’s rights in every form. From the most basic right to be in control of her body to equality in the work force women are in need of respect and power.

GRATITUDE SECTION (as always, optional) – What is your personal affirmation if you have one?   (for this instance “affirmation means emotional support or encouragement.” )


5 thoughts on “Share your World – Tomorrow is Another Day

  1. Thank you Lauren for Sharing Your World! I love the affirmation, we all need to remember that, from time to time! 🙂 Evil is indeed rampant in the world right now and a lot less of that would be a welcome change! I hope your pain levels stay low or manageable at least, so that you feel as young as you are! Have a splendid weekend! 😀

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