Happy New Year – The First Of A New Time In My Life

It’s been a good day.
I am grateful for spending the day, happily remembering my departed family.
I am grateful for all the pieces of themselves they gifted me, that make me who I am.
I am grateful that my daughter, who was just diagnosed with shingles for the fourth time, is not in agony this time. 
I am grateful for friends who though, not of my faith, rejoice with me.
I am grateful for a blogging community that accepts everyone.
I am grateful for getting to the grocery store early in the morning.
I am grateful that I made a honey apple cake for the first time, connecting me to my past.
I am grateful for Maggie once again helping me learn a new skill on my iPad.
I am grateful for a helpful call from the doctor’s office.
I am grateful for finally getting an idea for a gift for my granddaughter.
I am grateful for it not reaching 100 degrees here today.
I am grateful for time spent on my scrapbooks.
I am grateful for the ability to turn what I expected to be a hard day, into a sweet day.  
I am grateful that Annie and I played outside early this morning.
I am grateful for connecting with friends today.
I am grateful that I have so many in my life that I love.

I am grateful that I have the desire to continue the traditions I learned from my elders with my grandchildren.

I searched the last couple of days for an easy recipe to make an apple honey cake. I wanted one that was a small cake. The recipe I found was supposed to make a square 9 inch coffee cake. I wanted it made in a Bundt pan and it worked.  It didn’t release from the pan smoothly, but it was ever so yummy.



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