Fibbing Friday – Gamblers Know All

It’s Franks (aka PCGuy) turn to provide questions over at  Fibbing Friday, today. He and Di (aka Pensitivity101) alternate as hosts. The object is to lie your pants off in answering their questions.

1. Finish the following idiom: “What happens in Vegas…” Is probably illegal in your home town

2. What device is known as a one-arm bandit? My answer has already been used twice.  Hmm.    A disabled magpie

3. What is used to play Russian Roulette? Because Russia is the classic source for alexandrite, which was named for Czar Alexander II of Russia., they use the stone on the wheel instead of a marble.

4. What is James Bond’s favorite casino game? Strip poker of course

5. Who was the spokesman for Player’s Club International from the mid 1980s to the early 1990s?  It was actually Tiger Woods, in drag.

6. What nickname is given to a poker hand containing a pair of black aces and a pair of black eights?  The colorblind win

7. What does it mean to bet on “the hard way” in craps? It is a special bathroom for pregnant women

8. What is special about aces in blackjack? They are often the cause  of huge arguments as to weather they are high or low

9. What are clams casino? Silent gambling establishments

10. What game is played in the World Series of Poker? It is a baseball game played with fireplace pokers instead of bats


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  1. Yes, I thought silent no talking casinos was a good answer too! Now if they’d make all the slot machines quieter it would help with the noise! haha … # 8 is always confusing if the ace is high or low! 🙂

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