Rory’s 24 Hour Question

 Rory’s blog is about political correctness today. He asks: ” Is the ‘Etiquette’ of Good Manners Really Dead?”

Rory’s Questions
1)  Do you think good manners are dying from society? Sadly, I don’t think parents are teaching manners anymore. As the years went by and I was teaching the children of students I once had, there was a clear difference in the way the parents acted and the children did. 

2) Do you think that political correctness is the ‘modern’ form of etiquette for society today? I think PC is not the same as etiquette. I open doors for men, women, or anyone nearby. I believe in please and thank you. I try to compliment someone any time I am out and about. It has nothing to do with being PC. PC can get out of control. I think if you purposefully go out of your way , to treat or speak about someone unkindly that you are not being PC.

I was raised saying gesundheit (bless you) and danke schön (thank you.) Once a gentleman politely opened a door for me. I responded with a danke schön. He loudly said, “What’s wrong with you?”  His colleague tugged at his arm and said, “She just said thank you!”  All I heard then was an OH.  You can’t assume someone is being rude if you don’t know what they said. I was being polite and he was being unPC.

 3) Which do you think is better – political correctness or diversity correctness? Diversity correctness is a new term for me. This is what first came up.
I am unaware if this term is used in business here. IMHO I believe everyone should accept and appreciate diversity in others. PC is sometimes used as a weapon.
If I accidently refer to someone as he or she and they prefer the term “them” they can tell me their preference without feeling I was attacking them.
If someone says Merry Christmas to me, I do not become offended. Because I am Jewish, it is not PC to say that to me. I typically reply with thanks, or  Happy Hanukkah to you. It does however seem to me that more people are offended by my Happy Hanukkah than I have ever been about a Merry Christmas. Sometimes, I just reply Happy Holidays.
People erroneously tend to think that others believe what they believe.  An example that jumped into my head, was a certificate from my vet that came with my dog’s cremated remains. The certificate went on and on about how Christ would ease my loss. It offended me as I was already in pain and felt it inappropriate. 


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  1. Hey Lauren, some great answers there. I have in the last few years also started withing people Happy Holidays – it is way easier. PC is out of control, but so too is mostly anything, everyone is seemingly becoming more hypersensitive to everything.

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