SoCS Aug. 28 – “My” Computer

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My computer is driving me nuts.

I had some thoughts as soon as I read the topic, but the thoughts just whispered to me. I was more hoping for something that screamed, “TALK ABOUT ME!”  I spent a few hours today with the wonderful  Magical Maggie. She helped me with my terrible computer issues. It made sense to write about my computer.

For awhile now, there has been a mysterious evil genie living in my computer. Not only was the evil presence slowing down my computer, but they were also randomly opening and closing tabs. Can you imagine how hard it is to write a blog when the entire thing disappears for no reason?  Checking emails became a nightmare too.  It got so bad, I just stopped trying. 

A couple of days ago, I noticed bubbles had appeared on my computer screen. When the bubbles appeared things got worse. The last couple of days when the bubbles would appear my curser stopped working. I was forced to restart my computer or try and use the touch screen.

Here comes Magical Maggie into the picture. I called her and explained what what happening. She didn’t even call me a crazy lady. It seems she had come across this problem before. Maggie sent me directions on how to fix the problem. Sadly, it didn’t work because I wasn’t able to use my cursor, nor my touch screen.

We did a Zoom call today so I could share my screen. I did my best to follow the directions Maggie gave me. We even tried having her take over control of my computer. I had to repeatedly restart my computer to try and trick the evil genie.

Happiness occurred when we were successful at disabling my touch screen. After restarting my computer once again, I was able to see that my evil genie was banished somewhere inside the computer. As long as its hands are tied, I am OK.   

Now, I am in the process of unlearning to use my touch screen. I can’t scroll down without the cursor. I can’t get a new tab by touching the computer. I was totally unaware of how often I use the touch screen. It is worth relearning how to quickly use my computer. I thank Maggie for saving me from hours of frustration. 

Now my computer has no bubbles. Does yours?


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