Fibbing Friday – Aug 27, 2021

It’s Di’s turn for Fibbing Friday this week. She alternates with Frank, aka PCGuyIV,

Most of the questions have answers unknown to me.  I am not sure if that makes it easier or harder to answer. But here goes.

1. Where will you find a pushme-pullyou? A push me – pull you is a marriage counselors technique where spouses stand across from each other on a mat and answer questions. If they like the answer their partner gives they pull them closer. If they don’t like the answer, they push their partner. The technique didn’t last long because of the number of injuries acquired.

2. What is meant by the term ‘chocolate box’? A chocolate box is an item purchased in Hershey Penn. It is a ten thousand dollar item. You have to give the secret password to be able to buy it. It’s magical powers are that it always refills with whatever your favorite chocolate is. It never stops producing the chocolate of your heart’s desire.

3. Who lived in the house made with gingerbread, cake and pastries?  Mario Batali , Bobby Flay,  Emeril Lagasse, Jamie Oliver, and Rachael Ray lived in the gingerbread house as they hashed out who would remain on which channels after the awards were given for best pastries.

4. Where will you find Mr Stay Puft? You will find him breaking down the door of the gingerbread house because he didn’t get his share of royalties.

5. Where will you find The Hallelujah Mountains? The Hallelujah Mountains can be found near any coast that has a revival church with over 10,000 people. As they chant Hallelujah, the mountains bump into each other as a response to their chorus.  It’s OK , because it is G-d approved.

6. What did Gru intend to steal with the Shrink Ray? Gru intended to steal the heart of his beloved. Everyone thought he hadn’t a kind bone in his body, but they were wrong. He needed the shrink ray because his beloved’s heart was large and cold. In his mind, he figured he could shrink her heart and warm it up in a process similar to shrinky dinks.

7. Going back a long way, what was ‘Baby’ in the 1938 film Bringing Up Baby? Baby was the “love child” of two famous actors of the day. They changed the story into a sort of sci fi so no one would be the wiser. The movie flopped when people found out the truth.

8. Who played the drums in The Muppets? The actual drummer was Ringo Starr.  They  kept this information under wraps for fear that their studio would be stormed. On the show, he was known as “Drummer Boy.”

9. What magical instrument did Sparky play? I can not answer this question because we were asked to keep the answers PG. I will admit that  it was not as magical as professed.

10. What did ‘Andy’ have waxed in The 40 Year Old Virgin? Andy waxed any and all body parts with hair. He was erroneously told that a smooth body, sans hair, would make him a perfect lover.


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