Share Your World – Aug 23

Melanie is our host of  Share Your World.. I have been distraught much of the day because of what happened at my granddaughter’s school. I blogged about it a little earlier today. Answering Melanie’s questions allows me to escape that distress by thinking about something fun.

QUESTIONS      (a random bag today)
1) Can you parallel park (if you drive)?   If you don’t drive, can you still skip? I can parallel park, but with my much larger car I now have, I don’t prefer to do it. I do like to back into spaces. I have a back up camera on this car (my first one) and if I back into a space I don’t have to worry about backing out while someone is waiting for me. 

2) Do you prefer early morning or late evening?  Or something in between? Both. I am an early riser. I rarely use an alarm clock unless I haven’t slept all night and I have a morning appointment. I get up and get done what I must early in the morning. I am typically useless in the early afternoon. I get a second wind about five in the evening and rarely get to sleep before midnight

3) Do you like avocados? I love avocados. I could eat them for three meals a day. I don’t, but I could. I like them in an omelet, as the binding agent for a tuna sandwich (no mayo here), in a salad, in enchiladas, on sandwiches, etc.

4) Is mind or matter more real? Matter is more real because it is tangible. But without the mind matter is useless.

5) A bonus ‘deep’ question just because. Are people in this current generation less or more sensitive than people from past generationsIMHO the younger generations are less and less sensitive to the needs of others. They are desensitized to violence and wrongdoings. They are only sensitive to what they want for themselves.

GRATITUDE SECTION  (as always optional) Please feel free to share something inspiring that’s happened to you recently!  I’d have to say that I am inspired to see the teens protesting about racial slurs being spoken by their own classmates. To stand up for what is right, when you are of the minority opinion is wonderful.



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  1. Thanks Lauren for Sharing Your World! That last part was very powerful. It takes a lot of courage for a student to go against their peers. I haven’t been in school in three decades at least (or more), and i still remember that feeling when someone was being a total creep and everyone just stood and watched, afraid to take the bully on. You’re the second blogger to mention that awesome backup camera. What a gift, hmm? Avocados are (in my opinion) wonder food! So good and so versatile! I’ll have to try that tuna salad idea, that sounds delicious! 😀 Have a better week going forward and thanks again!

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