Monday Pet Peeve – A Sad Infuriating Event

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In response to Paula’s Pet Peeve prompt.

Sadly, there are more than a few things annoying me today. but the saddest and most depressing is what happened at my granddaughter’s first high school game on Friday night.  She went to the football game with a friend of hers. At some point many students, from her own high school,  started shouting racial slurs at the other team’s cheerleaders. They then started calling them monkeys and made inappropriate sounds. The cheerleaders were taken off the field, rightly so, by their coach. (He was trying to protect the girls.) They went to the concession stand, and the harassment continued. 

My granddaughter is biracial and was feeling more and more uncomfortable in the stands of her own high school. She left with her friend. My daughter asked how the game was, and as a typical teen, my granddaughter just shrugged. The next morning the incident was in the newspaper and on TV for the disgraceful  way the students acted. They had a long talk and sadly, my granddaughter is sorry that she is back on campus.  I don’t blame her a bit.

Of course, when the local town Facebook group started discussing it, the tRumpers, said it never happened. My daughter checked the Facebook pages of the deniers and without fail, they had pro-tRump crud all over their pages. Fortunately, many other parents stated that they were there, and that it was true how horribly the students had behaved. 

Today, the school district sent out a very long text message blast saying that they would look into it, and if it was true, they would take action.


Of course it happened. Everyone knows it happened. I think the only reason why they are even speaking about it is because it made the TV news as well as the newspaper. As angry as I am at the students, I am even more incensed at the staff and faculty that were there. They could have, and should have, stopped the behavior immediately.

If the parents of the guilty teens did nothing, then it was incumbent for the faculty to take matters into their own hands.

The students who were repulsed about the event Friday, had a rally this morning to peacefully protest what happened. I am proud of their standing up for what is right.

I am livid at what happened both Friday, and again this morning by the administration. The fact that in this day and age, disguising racial remarks can be shouted at innocent teens without being stopped infuriates me. This is not just a peeve or annoyance, it is a disgrace. 




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      1. Over the past five years (coincident with the Trump presidency), such behavior has come out of the shadows and bigots and racists now think they can get away with being open about it.

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  1. When I was in high school, a bunch of stupid boys got suspended for calling cheerleaders of the opposing team “ugly” during a game. This type of quick punishment should be the norm for all bad behavior. Letting it go only encourages more of the same!

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  2. I am grateful indeed that I went to school in the generation I did. High school is bad enough if you’re ‘different’ (in any way, I wore glasses and was bookish and introverted and man I got teased a lot), but not on that kind of level. The teachers and administrators at that school should be reprimanded too for standing by. BUT (and I do not support that kind of ugly bigotry period, just so’s I’m clear) I have a teacher in my immediate family and know three retired teachers as well. All of them have told me just how fine a line they have to tread now. They literally ARE NOT allowed to touch a child, whether to comfort them or reprimand them. They can’t ‘talk mean’ to a kid. The kids know this and will totally use it against the teachers and staff at school. The administration (including teachers) hands are firmly tied by what I call the idiot PC society we live in. Everything has it’s proper time, including reprimands or punishment like Paula mentioned. Suspension for such ugly behavior isn’t out of line.

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    1. I realize all of that Melanie. I was a teacher for 35 years. The correct thing to do would have been to end the game immediately. Z2s school won the game with the other school earning no points. It would have been a swift and accurate thing to do. Thanks for the input.


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