Three Things Challenge #699

Di is our host for Three Things Challenge. I haven’t done one in awhile and I want to blog before midnight. Let’s see if my brain is engaged tonight.
Your three things today are: CREASE BLEND FRONT


I was thinking today about the early garments I sewed. I was taught in home EC class that there were rules you never broke.
1) You must always prewash your fabric in the hottest temperature you might ever wash it in.
2) Before washing, you must zigzag the edges of fabric that might fray.
3) You must make sure to have the front sides of the pattern pieces going in the same direction.
4) Lay out and pin all the pattern pieces before cutting anything.
5) You should not blend different fabrics on the same garment or quilt. (Polyester and cotton are not friends.)
6) After sewing a seam, you should iron the crease in order to have the fabric lay flat.
7) Cut off stray threads as you go along.
8)  Baste stitches first if you are unsure of the fit.
9) If you are making an expensive garment make a mock up with a cheaper fabric, possibly a sheet or muslin.
10)  Iron hems before hand stitching them.   

I think I still do most of these.


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  1. I remember learning to sew in home ec classes at school. I learned all the tips and rules, and then just did it my way of however worked best for what I was sewing. They always turned out fine. 🙂

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