SoCS – Lucky or Unlucky?

Ever since Maggie told me about the SoCS for yesterday and I read her blog on my phone, I have been thinking of ways I feel lucky and unlucky. Thanks once again to Linda for providing us with this weekly prompt.

I’ve questioned whether things were just “the luck of the draw” or in reality, hard work that makes me feel lucky. My thoughts include a mixture of both. My head is all over the place, so I shall try what works for me.
In no particular order or level of importance:

I feel unlucky that I grew up feeling isolated and different from those around me. I feel lucky that I have learned to like who I am.

I feel unlucky to still be questioning many parts of my faith. I feel lucky that it matters not what others think, it only matters what is right for me.

I feel unlucky that I have friends and family that still don’t accept that Covid is real. I feel lucky that the majority of my friends and family are vaccinated because they realize they are not just doing  what is right for themselves, but for all mankind.

I feel unlucky that some family members have decided I am “against them” for their beliefs. I am lucky that I am able to hold my boundaries and not put my life at risk.

I feel unlucky that I grew up with numerous stepfathers with major addiction problems. I feel lucky that I knew that I would never stay married to anyone who drank or abused drugs.

I feel unlucky that I have had to cut out a loved one from my life over their addiction and abuse towards me. I feel lucky that a friend proudly shared their multiple year recognition for being clean and sober.

I feel unlucky that I have numerous life-altering medical conditions. I feel lucky that I am not having to decide to stop treatments and allow my body to pass because that is the best decision.

I feel unlucky that I lost my mom and did not have more time with her. I feel lucky that I did not lose her when I was a child.

I feel unlucky that I rarely had friends who cared about me deeply for most of my life. I feel lucky that now I have friends who know me and accept me “as is.”

I feel unlucky that when I was working, there were few people who included me in their circle. I feel lucky that I no longer must be a part of that childish behavior.

I feel unlucky that I bought a large vehicle upon retiring to be able to travel with my grandkids and then Covid changed our world.  I feel lucky that I bought when I did because now vehicles are exorbitantly priced, and I got a good deal. (Even if it spends most of the time sitting in my driveway.)

I feel unlucky that my brain has not been functioning well enough to concentrate on the reading I want to do. I feel lucky that my stash of books isn’t going anywhere, and I know I’ll get back to them at some point.

I feel unlucky that we are in a serious drought, and I have had to let my lawns die rather than waste the valuable water. I feel lucky that I hand water my trees and plants daily to keep them alive. The grounding is good for me.

I feel unlucky that I do not have the stamina to do everything I would like to get done. I feel lucky that because I am retired, there is always tomorrow.

I feel unlucky that there are so many worldly problems that weigh heavy on my heart. I feel lucky that I am learning to be aware of the problems, but to focus on the things I have some control over.

I feel unlucky to have had so much sad drama in my life. I feel lucky that I am learning to heal the wounds and parent my inner child.

I feel unlucky that I wake every day in pain. I feel lucky that I know some things I can do to make life bearable.

I feel unlucky that mosquitos love me so much and I currently have over 20 bites. I feel lucky that yesterday my cousin told me to try peppermint oil. I added peppermint natural oils to a coconut carrier last night and happily I have no new bites. 

I feel lucky when people read and comment on my blog. The connection here has been nothing but good for me.

Whether I have a lucky or unlucky life, I can only move forward constantly learning to live my best life.   

After writing this post, a memory came up on my Facebook feed. It was truly serendipitous. With a hearty laugh I am adding it now.


9 thoughts on “SoCS – Lucky or Unlucky?

  1. Every so often FB gets lucky and gets a thing or two right. Superman beware. Keep counting those lucky things Lauren. Everything else can get pitched in the box marked ‘not my monkeys’. Stay well.

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  2. I feel unlucky to still be questioning many parts of my faith.

    I’m right there with you… but I’m not sure I feel “unlucky” about this, per se… to some extent, I feel lucky to be a free thinking individual 😀


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