Blogging Insights – # 4

Dr. Tanya has a new format that has us respond to a quote of her choice. Today’s is:

I do not have a Twitter account, so that format is a mystery to me. The only thing I know about it, is that there is a limit to the characters.  I agree that Facebook is like a phone call because you can reply back and forth for an extended period of time. IMHO blogging is a full conversation, but  typically one sided. When/if someone responds to a blog, it rarely is of any great length. 


6 thoughts on “Blogging Insights – # 4

  1. Gosh! I guess I’ve missed your blog in my search for places to put my lengthy comments! LOL 😉 It’s all good. If the comments are succinct and to the point, a lot of words aren’t necessary. I do have great conversations with folks here though.

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