Rory’s Song Challenge – Series 1 Game 4 
I just saw Rory’s Song Challenge on my Reader. Perhaps checking in at 10:30 AM is better than 10:30 PM. LOL  I hope I am doing this right. 

Game 4 – This Week’s Questions:
1) A song featuring one of your favorite colors. Purple Rain by Prince 
2) A song that makes you think about life?  Harry Chapin – Cat’s In The Cradle 
3) One of your favorite song titles from the 70?  Barry Manilow – Mandy 
4) A great song for cooking with?  The Rolling Stones – Shine a Light On You 
5) The first song you danced to as a 20 something in love? I am going to have to go with the song I danced to at my wedding at 18. At 20 I was married with 2 kids. Not much dancing.   Climax –   Precious and Few

I don’t know why the videos are not coming up?????

6 thoughts on “Rory’s Song Challenge – Series 1 Game 4

  1. Hey Lauren, a great batch of songs there – oh no BM’s Mandy – l remember when my sister had a crush on BM and she would play his songs four or five times each for hours every night. Mandy was a song that was played on an endless loop and when asked why? Why Mandy? it’s not like it’s even your name?? She answered with …….. l can pretend it is though!!!


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