Sunday Poser #37

Sadje is the hostess of  Sunday Poser. Sunday she asked: 

Saturday was terrific. I was able to hug and visit with my grandkids. It had been way too long since having more than a short visit. Sunday was a hard day. The realization that Z1 is headed off to adulthood and visits will be sparse made me very sad. It is a bittersweet feeling.

Monday, today, was a day full of dealing with feelings and issues. I had some resolutions as well as some new unexpected challenges. All in all, I am OK. I enjoyed reading quite a few blogs today. I still haven’t caught up with many in my Reader, but I hope to.   

I am working on a big scrapbooking project which keeps my mind pleasantly recalling long ago days. I am concentrating on future goals for myself. I currently have my feet in the past and future, while enjoying the present.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #37

  1. I’m so happy that you had the opportunity to get together with family. Feet in the past and enjoying the present is i think a wonderful way to put it. Scrapbooking is your happy passion and I’m glad it’s keeping you happily occupied. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Lauren

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