Fibbing Friday – July 16


It’s Di’s turn for Fibbing Friday.   As she says, it is a mixed bag this week. Don’t forget to check back and see more fibs.





1. What is an ant farm? It is the large duck farm owned by Adam Ant.

2. What is a flea market? A place where dogs go to get their cake ingredients.

3. What was the War of the Roses about? A man who couldn’t buy enough roses to make his wife forgive him. Every time he bought more he flirted with the flower salesman. It became a war between he and his wife.

4. If they’d been invented at the time, what car would Robin Hood have driven?  Without a doubt Robin Hood would have driven an Amazon Prime truck. Fast at stealing items and giving them to the poor.

5. What are pieces of eight? The remains after the abominable snowman sneezes.

6. Where would you find a clapper? At an audition for audience members for a new sit-com.

7. What is a cowlette? A group of cows chewing marijuana plants. Their leader shows them the next step.

8. What is chicken wire used for? Artwork to keep chickens happy so they lay large eggs.

9. What is a toady? A toady is a toad that follows toad singing groups from lily pad to lily pad.

10. What is a nail file?  An organized way to separate different types of nails.

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